Thursday, November 11, 2010

Security Council Declaires War to Prevent Agression.

17 months ago the United Nations Security council unanimously passed measures that classify the Initiation of armed aggression against another sovereign nation a war crime that justifiably forces the Security Council to intervene on behalf of the non-aggressor. Since the announcement to the general assembly 702 representatives of the 782 attending diplomats, have filed 60,123 interdiction claims ranging from Orbital Genocide to world cup results. 7824 addendum have been added to the Non-aggression Edict since its announcement including 72 pages on the definition of terrorism, 4 paragraphs on paternity suites and 6,004 examples on the improper use of the word “Effect” and “Affect” in quoting post 20th century political Leaders. “ and moreover the affect that the security council’s policies have had on diplomacy has an everlasting effect to the unsettling discord affecting the already blurry lines of hired security forces, illegal privateering and colonization. Atrocities committed by cooperate entities, individual’s, and Private contractors fall outside the UN’s jurisdiction affectively” Quoted the Speaker of the council of Misinterpretation Resolution. When pressed for a judicial body to investigate claims of Non-War crimes against humanity the Security Council has claimed to have approached several NGO’s with in depth experience in Atrocity. The World Bank, the Catholic Church and Wal-Mart topped the list.

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