Friday, November 12, 2010

The heir of Lichtenstine is under Scrutiny of Swabian Luege

The heir of Lichtenstein is under Scrutiny of Swabian Luege to Return to throne and represent Royal obligations to honor thier ancient lease dating back to 1807.
Rolland-Adam the 9th pictured here: an accused carefree interstellar playboy and primary target of the tabloid “Blid”, is allegedly negotiating mining rights between Exxon\Gerber and the Principaut√© de Monaco colony on Berrasoc. The effeminate royal schooled at Harvard is engaged to Interstellar Supermodel Corvey Illatease who according to the princes’ press spokesman met through The Lease binds the land rights to the healthy male heir to the throne and in an absence forfeits all territory to the German Bundesrat.

The Tabloid “Blid” claims a discrete search is being conducted for a segregate mother to carry the royal heir to term as to not damage the career of Corvey, 5 time cover model to Vanity Fair. It is also rumored that the two have never actually met face to face and have employed consorts to courtship in their place.

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