Sunday, April 12, 2009

9000 yr old Archeological site ties Swabian and Anglican Aggression to Ancestral Memory

Talheim Death Pit, Talheim, Germany.
Swiss scientists using a nanoscopic relief technique have reconstructed DNA fragments from remnant hair and deep marrow deposits found in fossils recovered from this 9 millennia old burial sight. These techniques first pioneered to stop aging processes in the Hollywood elite, inject a substitute nucleic acid in the decomposing chain of nucleotides replicating the original chemical structure. The same technique that has preserved Dick Clark for over 2 centuries, has been used to refill missing strands in the genetic blue print linking the remains at the burial site to ancient native Germanic tribes and warring factions of a migratory group that later settled in the La Marche Caves in modern France.

The genome of the ancient Germanic adversaries is found in 40 percent of modern day Anglicans through their pre-1066 Norman Heritage. The Death Pits 400 yards from the Neckar River is the location of the oldest know prehistoric Battle Site to exist; showing that Ancient Germans hold the second longest grudge in Human history, narrowly behind the Ancient Israelites vendetta on a former Palestinians pig farmer.

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