Friday, November 12, 2010

Deep Space Pirate Operations neutralized by UN Task Force

The U.N. security council in a press conference earlier today reported that a multinational task force under the command of a Swiss Expeditionary flotilla exposed and captured a former research station being used as a port of Piracy. According to the Epsilon Eradini Orbital customs Authority, the pirates have operated in this system for 38 months but their organization and armament before last year have been little more than a nuisance. “Back in January we were on a sweep of an Ice cluster just outside of Culver 6, rather routine I might add. Out of nowhere a frigate, Eagle class vessel I believe, appeared, took out our engine with deadly accuracy, and left us adrift.” (Captain Rubblen of the CZS Opus-Delirium.)

To combat this continued disruption of commerce the United Nations composed a multinational task force lead by a Swiss flotilla to seek, engage, and, neutralize all vessels with no legitimate purpose in international shipping lanes. “Actually the operation was so covert we didn’t even know we had ships in that sector, task force, or that quadrant. In fact which ever unarmed medical and supply ships we committed to the United Nations for this admirable cause will have the admiration of our nation and the attention of our naval command…” Ambassador Muerur, Swiss Delegate to the UN.

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