Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eurasia Outraged!

Surrounded by the Posthumous images of Iconic Communist Figures Prime minister Nicholi Swenichez damanded the formal resignation of the United Nations Sectary General Yoni Suezuzi Former Nippon Foreign minister to the New Anglican Confederation.
Quote Swenichez: "There are things a foot here that wreak of western manipulation. Of the peaceful proceedings held on our own fertile soils despoiled by the vile conflicts of lesser nations. We the laborers have toiled too long and spilled our blood to bring about a nation of equilateral prosperity. The United Nations is a decrepit institution plagued by bureaucracy and red tape. Its time is nigh when our own sons and daughters are brain washed to fire on our own people with impunity. Our capabilities in these areas are centuries more efficient and we know manipulation when we see it."
The Prime Ministers speech also outlined a 7 year program to reform health care, improve bread distribution through a new set of forms requesting food ration stamps, and the lowering of the conscription to 15 years of age. The United Nations has been placing pressure on the ESU for years to consider human rights reforms, humanitarian aid to outer colonies, and open trade to core worlds. All have been met with little to no compromise.

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