Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1800hrs Earth Standard time
An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council has been called to review all evidence that United Nations Peace keeping contingent 268 opened fire on neutral military vessels in the Iota Persei system hosting a armisist meeting between parties of the New Swabian Leugue and the New Anglican Confederation. Secretary General Yoni Suezuzi has issued the following statement until all evidence can be reviewed by a board of inquiry. " Please my fellow nations, I ask of you nothing more than prudent restraint. I know that tempers are at incendiary levels among traditional rival antagonist but before we waste human lives in viral barbaric conflict let us consider what we do not know. First, there is an element yet not revealed that caused an explosion in a poorly maintained orbital facility in an out of the way star system. Second an Expeditionary force fitted for escort duty, hardly a match for any single fleet opened fire on a host nation among no less than 4 Security council members. Third, strange should it be that a well televised peace accord has produced no reputable footage of the first 22minutes of weapons fire between military vessels including the wreckage of a GNN news ship that was boarded, plundered of all data records and crew spaced. Persevere our vengeful urges for peace and justice. Endeavour revenge and suffer fruitless wrath."

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