Wednesday, April 8, 2009

World Cup Cricket Match Interupted by News of Royal Navy conflict, Public outraged.

Public out cry over a News report interrupting the World Cup Cricket match in the New Anglican Confederation has the British Broad Casting service apologizing to Billions of hostile viewers. Thomas Huchens of the Emergency Broad Cast Ministry has issued a 30 second long apology to sporting fans he plans to air immediately after Cup Final closing. "When ever that might be." Stated Huchens. The longest cricket match on record is 237 hours long, spanning nearly 17months of play. The News cast a brief bulletin about a minor scuffle between the Anglican Navy and the New Swavian leugue may prolong a week long disagreement occasionally interrupted by weapons fire, explosions and death. William Berksham of Sheffield an avid fan was quoted as saying" Ya think that the shooting could hold off a bit after Swansorn said after the victory that their fightback with the ball was the turning point. "We stayed patient when West Indies came out hard," he said. "If he's [Swansorn] hitting our bowlers off their lengths there's not much we can do. We stuck to our task and tried to bowl dots. They were looking to score 300 plus but we bowled well."

English to English translation: " Our brave soldiers sacrifice so much for us to live free."

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