Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Colonial Tensions at Kappa-Phoenician

After months of United Nation Negotiations to lift trade embargoes, the Pan African Union has signed a trade and mutual protection alliance with the resource starved Gross Deuchland League. Despite having no legal right to the world of Kappa-Phoenician space wrecked colonist settled the world after finding a long defunct terraforming facility belonging to a former Anglican land grant venture. Colonist quickly settled in and to their surprise discovered rich mineral deposits in the northern hemisphere. Spokesman Lord Admiral Manfred Canterbury the VI of the Royal Navy spoke on behalf of the Security Council Board of Inquiry this afternoon expressing his assured impartial distress at this brazen act of defiance to the United Nations attempts to settle mineral rights to a clearly Anglican planet. "We have offered compensation, relocation, even citizenship but what it comes down to is this world is not the property of a bunch of space squatters to dumb to realize they are 18 parsecs away from their destination homeworld." The tribal leader of the newly rename planet of Tu-Tu-Gonnga, M.C. Anubatee-Shalqua (pictured above) spoke to reporters today stating: "Our Earth Muther has blessed us by sending true allies from beyond her skies."
No official statement was made by the Chancellor's office on behalf of the Swabian government but freighters of potatoes, small arms and Schnapps were reported being loaded on to transports in various naval yards this afternoon.

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